Our Home Compostable Packaging

Home compostability - why and how?

At Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we are committed to being an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business.

From day one we wanted to be as low waste as possible, and our research told us that home compostable packaging was the right option for us.  

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. treat packaging can be disposed of in your home compost, with all materials globally certified to this standard by TÜV AUSTRIA.

A close up of a Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Wild Caught Calamari bag in a compost head


What does home compostable mean? To be labelled home compostable a material must break down in the lower temperates of a home compost environment, leaving no microplastics or toxicity in the soil. (Watch out for packaging labelled biodegradable or degradable as these will usually still leave microplastics behind). 

What is your home compostable packaging made of? Corn starch - the leaves, stalks, and cobs of corn.

Is your packaging certified? Our packaging materials are certified OK for home compostability by independent European certifier TÜV Austria. 

This certification is globally recognised and has formed the basis for the Australian and European home compost standards. You can learn more about the OK compostable HOME certification here
 TUV Austria OK compostable HOME


Is this packaging as strong as plastic? Yes. The packet is triple barrier layered and acts similarly to a plastic pouch. Follow the instructions to keep the bag sealed after opening and store your treats in a cool, dry place, as you would with any whole meat treats. 

How long does it take to break down? Home compostable packaging must balance being strong with composting in the right conditions. In a healthy compost bin with warmth, humidity, and regular turning the packaging will break down in 6 - 12 months. The seasons and the health of your compost bin will affect this, so in New Zealand we suggest cutting the packet up into smaller pieces to separate the two layers and give it a head start. 

How else can I dispose of it? If you can, please put our packaging in a home compost or send it to a commercial composting facility. It can go to landfill where it will eventually break down into natural elements, but this can take a very long time. Our packaging is not recyclable. 

What about the rest of your business? At Gourmate HQ we strive to be as low waste and single use plastic free as possible every day - we ship in cardboard, look to work with ethical businesses in our supply chains, and walk the dog to meetings. One of the coolest things about making our treats in New Zealand that 82% of our electricity comes from renewable resources. 

At Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we do our best to do our best by all of our stakeholders - pets, people, and the planet. We are not perfect, but we are stubborn, and are committed to our values for the long haul.

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