What's News, Pussycat?

What's News, Pussycat?

We are jumping with joy to unveil our newest additions to Gourmate Pet Treat Co.: Our absolute best quality, natural nutritional supplements plus a range of purrfectly-sized treats exclusively crafted for cats!

Like our much-loved Gourmate dog treats, our newest products are bursting with all-natural goodness. They are proudly made in New Zealand, B Corp Certified for sustainability, and of course made from human-grade ingredients. 

Cat Treats

We've heard your pleas, cat lovers, and we've answered. No more settling for treats packed with questionable ingredients. Gurnard Fish Bites are the crispy, freeze-dried bites of goodness your cat won't be able to resist with omega-3s galore for healthy joints and a shiny coat.

Then there’s Wagyu Beef Liver, only the very finest meat in the world for cats that are  “just a little bit fussy” 😂. Freeze drying locks in massive flavour and essential vitamins and minerals including taurine. 

And of course, we couldn’t leave out our superfood favourite. Mini Mussels for cats are here to save the day! These bite-sized wonders are loaded with omega-3s, chondroitin and glucosamine to keep those kitty joints purring with delight.

A black cat stands next to packs of Gourmate cat treats

Pikelet interrupts a photoshoot at Gourmate HQ

Natural Health Supplements for Dogs (and Cats too)

Here at Gourmate we are all about natural superfoods that are nutritious and delicious, and we are so excited to be launching these three amazing supplements to help your doggos live their best lives, literally. 

Bounce with Green Lipped Mussel Oil For Healthy Joints is the secret sauce for both active pooches and ageing mates. Say goodbye to joint woes and inflammation concerns, thanks to 100% EPA and DHA-packed marine oils—no cheap plant oil fillers here!

Hoomans are all about collagen for elasticity and overall health. Well, now it's your pet's turn to shine! Introducing Shine Marine Collagen for Inner and Outer Health, 100% hydrolyzed (that’s the good stuff) marine collagen made right here in Aotearoa with New Zealand fish. It's the ultimate pet spa treatment from the inside out, nourishing their skin, coat, and nails.

And we can’t forget our anxious mates - Chill with L-Tryptophan For Natural Mood Support is the supermood superfood your pet didn't know they needed. Packed with gut-loving prebiotics and that magical amino acid L-Tryptophan, it's the key to unlocking that serotonin goodness—perfect for those days when your pet needs a little extra zen.

The Gourmate Supplement Range

Track Them Down!

You’ll start to see Gourmate Cat Treats and Nutritional Supplements in store across New Zealand before Christmas. Drop us a note to find a stockist near you or ask your local to order it in for you. We’ll have them for sale here at gourmate.co.nz in the new year. 

So, say see ya later to products with questionable ingredients and say kia ora to Gourmate. As always, drop us a note with any questions!

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