Organic Green Lipped Mussels

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Get your dog jumping for joy again! Gourmate’s Organic Green Lipped Mussels are a delicious and sustainable snack packed with superfood goodness.

New Zealand's Green Lipped Mussel has the natural trifecta of omega-3s, chondroitin, and glucosamine to support joint health and other inflammation-related concerns. 

We take the very best organic mussels from the cold, clean waters of Stewart Island and snap freeze-dry them for maximum bioavailability. 

50g Net

  • Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Green Lipped Mussels are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for your dog's eyes, coat, cardiovascular health and immunity
  • Known as a superfood for joint health, even hoomans take New Zealand's Green Lipped Mussels for their aches and pains
  • Green Lipped Mussel can also support other ailments that involve inflammation such as asthma, psoriasis and bowel conditions
  • Gourmate Pet Treat Co. mussels are processed with care to ensure their efficacy. No oils are removed before freeze-drying
  • No additives or preservatives. Gluten free, dairy free, and grain free dog treats

At Gourmate Pet Treat Co. our products are always proudly made in Aotearoa with human food grade ingredients and processing for absolute best quality.


  • 100% organic Green Lipped Mussel - that's all


  • Pet treats are intended for supplement feeding only. We recommend 1-2 mussels per day as a treat or meal addition
  • Freeze-drying removes the moisture from raw food to preserve it. If you are including Gourmate Alpine Freshwater Salmon as part of your dog's BARF or raw fed diet please remember that our treats weigh less than their fresh equivalent
  • Not intended for human consumption. Sorry

Our packaging is soft plastic recyclable in New Zealand and elsewhere. Learn more

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    Organic Green Lipped Mussels

    Organic Green Lipped Mussels

    Regular price $15.00
    Sale price $15.00 Regular price