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Wagyu Beef Liver for Cats

Wagyu Beef Liver for Cats

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A meaty treat for the classiest cat! Gourmate’s Wagyu Beef Liver is made from the world’s finest cattle ethically raised in New Zealand.

High-tech freeze drying means naturally intense flavour and best nutrition - there’s absolutely no added fat, salt, or artificial flavours in our ingredients list! 

  • Liver is known as nature’s multivitamin for its support of overall health
  • A natural source of essential taurine for cats
  • Contains protein, vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, iron, copper, zinc and more for energy and immunity
  • A single ingredient beef liver treat suitable for raw diets. No additives or preservatives, grain and gluten free


  • 100% Wagyu Beef Liver - that's all


  • Pet treats are intended for supplemental feeding only. We recommend 1-2 Liver pieces per day as a treat or meal addition.

🥝 Proudly made in New Zealand

✔️ Human food grade ingredients and processing for best quality

🌏 B Corp Certified for ethical business

25g Net