Gourmate is NZ's first B Corp certified pet food! 🌏

Gourmate is NZ's first B Corp certified pet food! 🌏

In massive news at Gourmate HQ, we are now a Certified B Corporation! 

We are also Aotearoa's first pet business to receive this global accreditation for responsible and ethical business. 

To become a B Corp is a long (looong) and rigorous process that looks at the organisation's social and environmental impact, accountability, and transparency.

We had to investigate, check, and prove everything from our Mussel's organic status to how much our contractors pay themselves (to ensure they receive a living wage). 

A green lipped mussel farm with buoys in the foreground and land in the background
Green Lipped Mussels are a highly sustainable protein


We are very proud to have achieved this milestone and joined the ranks of some of our favourite Kiwi B Corps such as Ethique and Allbirds, as well as amazing global pet businesses like West Paw.

For us (Co-founders Laura and Steph) B Corp certification is recognition of our commitment to the welfare of people, the planet, and our pets.

Since Gourmate's launch in 2020 our focus has been on making dog treats from locally and fairly sourced ingredients to the highest standard possible - human food grade standard.

As pet parents ourselves we want to feed our pets the kind of food we like to eat - natural, healthy and honest. Our treats are made from restaurant-grade meat and seafood that looks and smells like real food - because it is!

We donate a portion of our annual profit to local animal welfare charities through Gourmate Giving and are advocates for better standards within New Zealand's companion animal sector.

As a women owned and run pet business we are also not afraid to call ourselves feminists


A tan Shiba Inu sits facing the camera with packs of Gourmate treats in front of him. He is in a New Zealand forest.
Aiko displays our recyclable packaging in a New Zealand forest


To gain B Corp Certification a business must score at least 80 points out of 200 across a range of categories that identify high social and environmental performance.

The median score for companies that complete the assessment tool is 51. Gourmate Pet Treat's B Corp assessment score is 88.9.

The last thing we'd like to say here is that we know that our business is not perfect, and the great thing about the B Corp framework is that it provides guidance on how to continue to improve.

Gourmate has always been a values-driven business that strives to provide better treat options for pet parents, and that's what we'll continue to do.

B Corp certification is a great way to prove that we really are walking the talk when it comes to better business. And we know the dogs of the world love a walk. 

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