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Being a socially responsible business underpins what we do - from more sustainable packaging to support of human rights. 

It’s a given that here at Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we love dogs, and are passionate about all dogs having the best life humanly possible. 

We wanted to give back to the animal community, ensuring that any success our business achieves is shared with animal charities and not-for-profit organisations - but where to start with so many worthy causes up and down Aotearoa? 

So, we decided to launch Gourmate Giving. A commitment to share our support across worthy New Zealand animal causes. This way we get to share the love and support not-for-profits that are important to our customers.

Our first charity recipient: Doing big things for small dogs

This spring we are stoked to be supporting New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue! Whoof whoof! 

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After following their cute-as-a-button facebook page for some time, we saw their request for donations for their raffle at the upcoming Pet & Animal Expo. Their wittle faces are hard to say no to, and so of course we also wanted to make them the recipients of our first round of Gourmate Giving!

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue (NZCR) is a registered charity that takes in Chihuahuas, Chihuahua-crossbreeds and various other small or toy breed dogs (usually under 5kg) from all around the country. 

Chihuahuas and other toy breeds benefit from this small tight-knit team that have specialised knowledge of the breed and their care. Sadly these types of dogs seem to disproportionately suffer from backyard breeders and the puppy mill system. 

The Rescue has a passionate and experienced team consisting of three Trustees, volunteers to assist with fundraising and events, a network of foster carers and dedicated veterinary staff who all volunteer or donate their time.

Aside from rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, NZCR's  aims also include educating the public about Chihuahuas with the aim of reducing re-homing, and their website has heeeeaps of helpful info under Breed Information.

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With armfulls of success stories and regular social media heartbreakers, it’s obvious that this organisation is doing big things for small dogs.  

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. is committed to supporting New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue for the entirety of spring 2020.

In addition to financial support, we have donated a swag of our human food grade gourmet treats for the Rescue’s raffle at the Pet & Animal Expo in Christchurch (19th & 20th September 2020 - check it out and buy heaps of raffle tickets!) and will be showcasing their fantastic work and lucky pups across our social media platforms.

Funds donated to the Trust are spent directly on dogs in the care of the Trust. If you can’t support the Trust financially you can still give them love on social media (which helps their message go further), learn more about toy breed dogs on their website, and share their story with any friends or family interested in dogs. 

If you have an organisation you’d like us to nominate for Gourmate Giving please let us know!

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