Christmas 2023 is going to the dogs!

Christmas 2023 is going to the dogs!

Santa Paws is coming to town and here at Gourmate Pet Treat Co. we want to make sure that all the good dogs of Aotearoa can enjoy their very own deluxe Christmas crackers.

Two Gourmate Dog Treat Christmas Crackers on a wooden board with Christmas decorations

Not your average dog treat, Gourmate’s bright crackers are stylish enough to adorn your table or tree (so long as they’re out of reach).

Each cracker is filled with our much loved New Zealand made natural dog treats and a doggy joke. Because they are specially designed for canines there is no loud popper.

Made with restaurant quality meat and seafood freeze-dried to human food grade standards, Gourmate’s single ingredient treats would not be out of place at a Kiwi Christmas lunch. 

In 2023 crackers are available in Angus Beef Liver and South Pacific Hoki - a surf n' turf combo perfect for a down under Christmas!

We know that these crackers look good enough to eat, but please make sure your guests know that they are not for human consumption - sorry.  

Where to get your crackers

Gourmate Christmas crackers for dogs will be available in store and online from your favourite Gourmate retailers from early November. 

We are not selling crackers directly from in 2023 - we'd love to see you supporting local businesses this year.

Find your local stockist here.


Dog and Santa_Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Christmas

Laura and Steph, along with their human and fur families, would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. 



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