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South Pacific Hoki hitting your shores

Introducing South Pacific Hoki!

 We have sourced the best New Zealand Hoki fillets from our human food grade seafood suppliers, sliced it into fishy delishy sticks, and freeze dried it. That's it. Look at the photos - yum!   

It's definitely the Catch of the Day - New Zealand's favourite sweet, flaky, healthy fish is hitting shores from June 2021!


Fishy, tasty, omega-3 packed treats for your dog (and maybe even your very fussy cat!).

And we've kept the skin on, because that's one of the best parts! Super healthy and delicious. 

Of course it's sourced from the deep Pacific Ocean around New Zealand and is 100% New Zealand made.

 As you probably know, because you're here, at Gourmate Pet Treat Co. website we are big fans of seafood for dogs. One of the reasons is because Hoki is a great source of polyunsaturated omega-3 long-chain fatty acids.

Omega 3s are essential for heath and a great addition to a dogs diet. They can support the body's anti-inflammatory defences which makes them great for skin, joints and healing, as well as heart and eye health.

Another reason we love seafood is that it's low in fat and high in protein (well, it is when you don't batter it and deep fry it!) which makes it an excellent meal addition or healthy dog treat. 

We make the kind of food we want to feed our fur babies - natural, healthy, and delicious. Dexter's treato eyes tell me we've nailed this one: 

Gourmate Pet Treat Co. South Pacific Hoki will be available instore and online week commencing Monday 21st June 2021.

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